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That'll preach

I notice that a couple of the evangelical churches in this area rely extensively on advertising. The local Christian Church puts up a large billboard (on their property, I think, but still) every few weeks. And then there's this sign (from the AG Church) on the highway, a really nice bit of graphic art with a football helmet and the legend:
New Found Life

sermon series
Such an advertisement is not only expensive, but requires some serious artistic work to put together. I doubt very much that the local Assembly of God pastor has the graphic artists and writing skills to put together a major advertising deal on the basis of his own preaching. It's much more likely that this is a case of "open a can of sermon, add heat." There's probably a whole program being marketed to evangelical churches, with sermon outlines, zapp-o illustrations, tie-ins, and the ad campaign.

Maybe I should put a big message up on my congregation's sign:
Real Home-Preaching

Meet the actual preacher of these messages!

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