aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Habemus fornacem!

Here be pictures!

Firebox Firebox
The stove was a gift, but the pipe and other necessaries cost two-three times its value.
Stovepipe Stovepipe
This is the run that gave me so many fits in trying to finish the installation.
Smoke from the first fire in the stove Smoke from the first fire in the stove
As sweet a draw as any flue you've ever seen.

It was a tough job, but I finally got it all done! I thought I was six inches short, but after fitting in the new elbows I needed, I was about a foot too long! Moby bogosity!

In the end, with no new pipe that I could lay my hands on today, I was forced to that last resort of builders and installers: field-fabrication. With great trepidation, I measured as well as I could (multiple times), then cut down the overhead run (the one at the angle) and fitted it into the elbow. A little WD-40 and a lot of elbow grease, and everything fitted together. I was worried that I was a little high on the end piece running into the wall thimble, but everything works just fine.

I have been wrestling with this iron alligator for over six months. Sweet Polly Purebred! am I glad to have this done. Next time I go out, I've got to clean the cabin and make it ready for guests, but at least I can go stay the night and be warm, instead of going back and forth in a single day. Working on this thing has been like working in deep water: you spend half the day getting in position, only to make three 15-minute dives, which is all that's safe to do. I'd drive 3 hours to work 3-4 hours, whereupon I'd be too shaky to safely operate power tools or climb ladders -- then run errands and drive home.

But it's done, and it's right. Hallelujah!


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