aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Piling up those melons

Well, I gave my pitch to the Scouts and their parents tonight for Yellowstone. The boys are cranked for it. Ten Scouts said they'd at least consider going right now. Parents and leaders, of course, need to think about this. The biggest concern for leaders is taking two weeks off for such a trip. I can do that, easily, but not everybody can. Still, I think it'll go. And I'm so looking forward to going out West again.

That said, I have now reached my maximum load of watermelons.* There is room for no more in the cart labeled 2007. Next year, I am already committed to the following:
Starting 13-week confirmation class right after New Year's;
Starting 6-week leadership seminar right after New Year's;
Move into rehabbed parsonage end of January;
Doing God & Me for 1-3 Grade kids some time in March or so;
Teaching the District Lay Speakers course two weekends in March;
Doing all the conditioning and shakedown stuff to prepare for Yellowstone;
Go hiking in the Adirondacks in May;
Attend the Annual Meeting of NAUMS June 1 in Atlanta;
Annual Conference in June;
Youth Mission trip in June;
Yellowstone trip in July;
Take some extended time in August to work on my cabin and holler.

That's it. That's the year's work. The answer to everything else is No.

*Years ago, I was buying watermelons for a church camp, and piled them way high on my shopping cart. As I came out of the store and started down a sloped parking lot, the melon on top began to wobble and I sprang up to stabilize it with my hand. I wound up splayed across a mound of watermelons on a moving cart, gathering speed toward a line of parked cars. It was an anxious moment. Ever since then, "too many watermelons" is our family code for having too many things going on.

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