aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Day is done

S'okay, Sunday's sermon is written. And isn't it a sizzler! Part of me is shy about revealing so much personal data -- and about showing so much passion. The introvert in me would like to keep my cards hidden -- at least, some of them. But all things in due time. They need to hear this now. This is the next thing I need to say in our on-going pastoral conversation.

The weird thing is that my District Superintendent may be in church Sunday. We're having Charge Conference right after worship, so I wouldn't be surprised. I was going to play it a bit cooler for a while longer with Bob, but might as well lay it all out and hit him with it. But the last time he came was (by coincidence) also the last radical sort of sermon I preached. Maybe God wants him to hear me say these things, too?

Apologies and requests for permission to tell stories about to stryck. I'm referencing your frustration RE: getting noticed by the Church. I'll send you the ms if you're queasy about it, but I'd think you'd know by now that I don't make you look bad when I tell stories on you.

Anyway, it's done. A feeling of relief, accomplishment, etc., washes over our hero. And now to bed.

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