aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Northern icon

Sometime last month, I remember reading a webpage on Warner Sallman, the artist who created so many visually memorable portraits of Christ, including his most famous, "Head of Christ." His pictures are a sort of Protestant iconography.

Well, Sallman was the son of Swedish immigrants, and looking at his "Head of Christ" hanging in our church fellowship hall this week, the essential Scandinavian look of Jesus suddenly struck me. I had always realized that this was not a Semitic Jesus, but with his elongated, thin features, I couldn't figure out what kind of ethnicity the artist was picturing Jesus in.

Suddenly, it came to me that this was a Swedish Jesus. And, remembering how Sallman had always said that he wanted to paint Jesus as a "man's man," not a reflective but an active sort, well, this image leapt to mind, and I went home and photoshopped it together.

Warning: this is not for the fluttery, over-pious. Nor is it meant to be impious. It's an exploration of how we see Jesus. What does this image convey to you?

Viking Jesus
Viking Jesus


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