aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Happy St. Hubert's Day!

One of the few Frenchmen I think worth remembering, St. Hubert of Liege, is the patron saint of hunting. His symbol is the deer with a cross between his antlers, which appeared to him -- and which now shows up on the label of the Jägermeister bottle, together with a poem by Otto von Riesenthal:

Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild,
daß er beschützt und hegt sein Wild,
weidmännisch jagt, wie sich's gehört,
den Schöpfer im Geschöpfe ehrt.


This is the hunter's badge of glory:
That he protects and tends his quarry,
Hunts with honor, as is due,
And through the beast to God is true.


EDIT: I just had a thought -- Liege is in Belgium. Does that make Hubert a Walloon? (Back in the day, he probably thought of himself as a Frank.)

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