aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Stereophonic sound

I lead two Bible studies here at Yonder UMC. The Tuesday evening group wanted to do Hebrews. The Wednesday lunch bunch is working their way through Genesis. I'm channeling Abram, Melchizedek, faith through righteousness, tradition, etc., in both ears -- one OT, the other NT. It's a strange experience.

* * *

In other news, collinsmom called this evening from Razzberry. She drove the truck down there this week, and I had a bunch of boxes stored in the back from our recent move. She asked if I had plans for those. I said, Yes, why? Well, there had been a call go out to help the recently-resigned Prez, Jeff Greenway, with his move by donating boxes.

She was hurt that I was so ready with an answer: No. But I wasn't criticizing her generous impulse (which does her credit, BTW); rather, I was saving those boxes to move US this winter when the new parsonage becomes available and we leave these temporary digs. Plus, I'm sure Dr. Greenway has been very generously compensated these last two years, and doesn't need any help from me.

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