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Will You Come?

Will You Come?

2. Then our sinfulness and fears make us doubt that loving welcome
that we hear when we gather 'round the Table set by Jesus.
Will you stay, Wand'rer, stay?
And we'll all stay together where the angels are singing
by the open doors of heaven. Will you stay, Wand'rer, stay?

3. In the darkness where folk stumble there are souls who cry for morning,
and have no one to tell them of the victory of Jesus.
Will you go, Christian, go?
And we'll all go together where the angels are singing
by the open doors of heaven. Will you go, Christian, go?

Words: © 2002 Arthur W. Collins
Music: Northern Ireland Folk Song, "Wild Mountain Thyme"

I've posted the words for this communion hymn before, but here's the music. I like to sing it slowly and reflectively, but not largo, just a true andante. (BTW, my fingers baulk at forming F-chords with guitar, so I usually play E - A - C#m, even though that makes it harder to sing.)

The eucharistic theology reflected in the hymn is not specific to Methodism, but the eucharistic praxis hinted at is very Wesleyan.
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