aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Sisyphus: Rock on

I am utterly bogged down by my to-do list. If it's true that God put each of us on earth to accomplish certain things, then I am now so far behind that I am assured of living forever. I need to get -- well, check out my new userpic.

I remember when we were living in Indianapolis years ago. collinsmom was trying to work full-time, siege was in St. Richard's Day School downtown, and stryck was in half-day kindergarten down the street. I was so busy picking kids up, dropping them off, waiting for ða wif to get home, or going to scheduled meetings at the church that I couldn't get anything done. As soon as I got started on something, I had to drop it and go run after the next thing.

Well, these days, I feel kinda sorta obligated to show up most mornings at the church, since we officially keep office hours from 9-12, and I don't want my secretary to think I'm a bum. I usually come in halfway through the morning, since I don't get going early unless I have an appointment -- which is related to how late I stay up at night. But I have evening meetings most nights, which means I'm either unwinding afterwards or staying up, stealing personal time till at least midnight.

Then, there's all the little scheduled thingies this church has going. There are two great Bible studies (Hallelujah!), but one is on Tuesday evening and one on Wednesday afternoon, and I'm expected to be at both. Then, most Sundays have evening stuff on them, plus other program and administrative events. The result is, I'm constantly gearing up or gearing down from one thing or another, and I can't seem to get a run at anything that really matters. If I didn't have such a huge backlog of "Greatest Hits" in the sermon department, I'd be living on four hours sleep a night trying to keep up. (My sermon barrel overfloweth, Praise Be.)

Then, there's pet care. I love 'em, but they're so needy these days. Sassy has been extra frisky in the autumnal air, and extra needy because of me and collinsmom coming and going. And, there's housework. [Insert obscenities.]

I did finally get to call on the old lady in the nursing home I've tried to catch three times before. Now, I've only got one shut-in left to find and I'll have had a tete-a-tete with every one of them. And I mashed a mess of persimmons, producing two cups of pulp, so there's a persimmon pudding in my future (aaaah). But no sooner does something get done, than two more things get put on the ol' to-do list. It's a Lernean Hydra.


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