aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

So, we'll see how this goes

I have imported my LJ, "The Daily Mustard," to my facebook account. My public posts will be spread around over there like fine manure. Let a thousand flowers bloom, and all that.

My two friends lists are very different, however, so I may have to think about my audiences more carefully. My LJ f-list tends to be very mature, highly political, theologically argumentative, occasionally snarky, and, well -- "eccentric" would be the tidiest label. Just like me. My facebook flist tends to be young adults -- mostly college students of my personal acquaintance -- most of whom I have not burdened with some of the stronger stuff (opinions, experiences, etc.) I've laid out from time to time on LJ.

So the occasional flinging of flaming feces will have to go behind "friends-only" barriers, to spare those unable or uninterested in putting up with my bolder expressions. This is not to say that my young friends would be shocked or anything -- but that's not what our relationships have been about; if any of them want that kind of relationship, they can meet me in the depths of LiveJournal. Facebook is for lighter -- or anyway, less personal -- fare.

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