aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Getting mooned

There's a beautiful Harvest Moon this weekend. Next month will be the Hunters Moon. I love Fall.

* * *

Meanwhile, other plans for this weekend have fallen through. I was too pooped to get out of town for Wilderstead today. I was going to go tomorrow. But we are flat out of money, at least until I get my next mileage reimbursement check. So I'm on a short leash.

Next weekend, I've just got to get over to Wilderstead. I've got a big job a-brewing. I've got to finish setting up the frame for the wall thimble, then cut the access hole in the wall and install the thimble. Can't leave a hole in the wall, so that means it is imperative I install the outside flue. But I can't leave the flue uncapped, so I've got to cut away a bit of the eave to bring the flue up to proper height, at which time I can cap it off and all is well.

So that's cutting a hole in a wall and cutting away the eave, clambering around on a steep barn roof with minimal equipment. It's a two-day job, I reckon, especially if it's just me doing it. I hope and pray that next weekend will be as nice as this one has been. I dread trying to do this job in the rain.

* * *

Speaking of getting mooned, my sister sent me a birthday card. We compete to try to send each other the most tasteless cards we can. Hers showed a guy dropping his pants and mooning the viewer. Inside, it read, "Men are from Mars, but brothers are from Uranus."

Feel the love.

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