aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The most dreadful idea of the year

imp_or commented on my post re: school shootings that maybe we should let teachers carry guns in order to secure schools. I respectfully disagreed. Nobody much seems to have read that piece, and meanwhile lots of news stories are mentioning this idea, so let me put it to you all as plainly as I can.

The Degreed Dullards with guns? Are you freaking OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!

Think of all the teachers and school administrators you have known, both as a student and as a parent. Imagine them with guns. Then run away! as fast as you can!!!!

Folks, teacher education students have the lowest GPAs of any learned profession in their college years (and some of the easiest courses). While many teachers are great at what they do, there are hordes of featherbedding, time-serving doofuses we can't get rid of in our schools. If these people went golfing, they would putt up their leg!* You want THEM to carry weapons?

Angels and ministers of grace defend us!

*i.e., they don't know their @ss from a hole in the ground.
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