aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And we're home (Sassafras update)

I got tired of waiting for the vet's office to call, so I finally called over there. I got a monstrous long spiel about stuff I already knew, mostly tending toward suggesting that I transfer veterinarians. Finally, I said, But HOW IS MY DOG?

Oh, she was ready to be picked up, any time. What doofuses.

Anyway, Sassy is home now, and very happy to be so. The front of her throat's been shaved back. There are absorbable sutures, but the area has also been left partly open in order to finish draining. We have antibiotics to take twice a day.

She's had her pills (with butter). And her food and water. And now she's lying at my feet here in the computer room, just glad to be home.

It's been quite a day for both of us. Thanks be to God, who watches over all his creatures.

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