aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Buzzards circling the Buzzword

Comes now the petitioner, seeking a moratorium on the use of the word
as a noun of approval in religious, relational, or artistic contexts.

The argument: Too many preachers refer to God's creation or the diversity of people/gifts within the Church as "a beautiful tapestry." This has been said so often by so many people (few of whom know what a tapestry IS, be it noted) that it has been drained of meaning. A vague feminity, as of God as a weaverwoman, clings to the word, which may be its reason for popularity in these P.C. days. Though a feminine connotation is a thing harmless in itself, why is it never balanced with a word like mosaic, also a variegated, made thing, but which has hard surfaces and is usually experienced as a "male" kind of word? Enough. Away with this shopworn, dusty, motheaten heap of textiles. Let us find a new word for such contexts.

The Judgment: Use of the word "tapestry" in the above-mentioned contexts is hereby proscribed.
Look in my face. My name is Used-to-was;
I am also called Played-out and Done-to-death,
And It-will-wash-no-more.
-- H.D. Traill

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