aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Not much of a post, but just to let you know I'm alive

Busy these days. Had an out-of-town funeral Monday, followed by a Scout troop meeting. I gave a presentation on world scouting (WOSM & WAGGGS & our international trips), then helped an 11-year-old make a basket to finish up his Basketry Merit Badge from summer camp.

Yesterday evening, I led the second session of our study of "This Holy Mystery." Very important stuff. We have neglected basic teachings for way too long. Slowly, slowly, we have GOT to teach what we really believe and shape our practices accordingly.

Today, it was my turn to cook for Bible Study. I whomped up a huge Saarländer Eintopf (German pork and kraut). And we waded into Genesis. I'll post some of my notes on these ancient stories sometime -- ya think?

My cold is basically gone, but I've been fighting extreme weariness. A coupla-three years ago, I came down with Epstein-Barr Virus; eventually got over it, but it can come back on you. I'm wondering if my exhaustion-cum-cold has triggered a relapse. Anyway, I'm holding off on visiting nursing homes until I'm sure I'm not sick any more.

Sassafras loves this cool weather. She has lots of energy and wants to romp her way through our walks. Meanwhile, Cuthbert wants lots of physical contact. Hope all is well with collinsmom down at Razzberry; she didn't call last night, so she must be busy and contented.

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