aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

September at last

Slowly, creakily, with great grumbling and weariness, I am beginning to tackle the mountain of work that needs to be done.

There's parish work and programs that I'm getting up to speed on, finally, as the summer ends and people re-focus their energies: choir; bible study; study on holy communion; visitation; youth and scouts; community doin's. The schedule is full. (I also downloaded Charge Conference forms this week, and that's only the beginning of the paper I need to push this fall.)

Then there's the extension ministry stuff I'm responsible for. I'm getting caught up on NAUMS financial stuff after the confusion of the move (thank God it's been a slow summer for NAUMS business). I'm getting ready to cook for a South Indiana Scouting Ministries training day. And there are a few District and Conference whatnots on the horizon.

collinsmom is back in school, and I'm getting used to the routine of dealing with her being gone for a half-week. Spent some time this afternoon doing housework, so she'll come home to a reasonably clean house.

Once I get over this wretched cold completely, maybe I'll finally be able to show some enthusiasm for all the many irons I've got in the fire.

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