aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Tired but happy

Huzzah! for the return of the prodigal. I had a wonderful time on my overnight trip to Wilderstead! (Though I am shocked at how much stuff piles up on my Friends page in a mere day and a half -- takes an hour to read it!)

Anyway, I needed to go over to the holler for a coupla days and get some stuff done. But I thought I'd never get out of here Thursday morning. Even as I was packing to go, I got a call from my secretary that a parishioner had had a mini-stroke and was in a hospital up near Indy. So I just went by there and saw him on my way to the River.

Got out to the cabin and finally got that roll-up door off. It was really a two-person job, but I got it down. Course, it's not, like, re-saleable or anything now. But, who cares? Progress has been made on the cabin! I also did lots of spraying and whacking of weeds to trim up the grounds.

Then I picked up that_guy_zach back in town and we went over to Crustview Hills, Kaintuck, to try out a new pub (with the very unoriginal name of "The Pub") with yechezkiel. Fish and chips were good, conversation pleasant; the evening waddled its way to a satisfying conclusion, and I went back out to sleep in the woods. Peace and contentment.

When I picked up that_guy_zach, he must have thought I was drunk. I was positively giddy. I was just so happy to be home (meaning: Wilderstead). I had wondered if I would find keeping up the place a drag and the bloom off the rose, so to speak, but No. Wilderstead is my peaceable kingdom, the place where my soul can "unlax," as Pogo would say.

Got up early this mawnin,' and ran around like crazy doing errands on both north and south sides of Cincy, then met collinsmom out at the holler with lunch. She had brought Sassy the Love Sponge for an afternoon in the woods. Sassy perked up when she saw a stretch of highway she recognized. She had a wonderful time frolicking in the holler. Picked up a tonne of burrs, too (there will be tears later). She slept almost the whole way home.

Anyway, I am glad to be home again in E-ville after a frabjous day (and a half).
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