aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Bureaucracy rant

This is a copy of a reply I just sent to our Conference Treasurer concerning the org's latest folly:
Dear [name]:

I just read your e-letter which tells us pastors that our churches will be charged an additional 5% on group insurance unless we participate in the Conference's "wellness screening."

I want you to know that I have a complete physical every year to prepare for high adventure activities. I just had a baseline colonoscopy, as well as a periodic helical CT scan. I get blood drawn at least twice a year to monitor various things. My wife has several conditions she manages with medication which require her to stay on top of her health.

We don't need no steenkeeng "wellness screening." And I resent being blackmailed into wasting my time doing it in order to spare my congregation money.

Over the years, my experience has been that "managed care" just means "hassle 'em until they give up seeking the care they need." All the approvals, the insurance forms, the we-won't-pay-for-that-much crap wear us out as we go about the business of taking care of our health. And this hassling must save a ton of money, since it means the insurance company can afford to hire all these nurses and screeners to inflict upon us.

It seems to me we could provide a note from our doctor certifying an annual physical exam in lieu of this intrusive exercise. But that would make too much sense, I suppose.

Just one of the drones,

-- [me]

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