aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille

Well, collinsmom went down to Razzberry last night and got all moved in. Classes started this morning at 8:30. *gasp* Pray for her, please.

I staggered up and read my e-mail, got the trash put together to take out and went to my office. Dropped The Pathfinder (newsletter of SI-NAUMS) in the mail, along with an anniversary present for stryck and anher (their 5th is August 11).

Got home, ate an early lunch, and addressed myself to the task of gruntling the dog. Poor Sassy has been overheated, bored, and depressed. And this morning, I found some dry crunchy turds under my computer desk that weren't there last night. They looked a bit small for doggy doo, and a bit large for kitty caca, but Cuthbert having his own litter box, I figure they're Sassy's.

So I took Sassafras to Flatwoods Park and did a big ol' nature trail with her. She got a chance to get her paws muddy and sniff all sorts of weeds and scents left by other critters. The cicadas were singing, birds were fluttering in the underbrush. Good stuff. I gave her some water, then put her back in the air-conditioned car for a ride through the country. She's exhausted, but happy, and I figure she'll be good for a while.

Now, there's laundy, a pile of dirty dishes, and who knows what else to be done. Then there's more unpacking (O, be joyful). My goal is to clear the attic door today, so I can get upstairs and reach -- MORE boxes (yay! I win).

Luckily, there are few big deals going on in the parish this week. I do need to get around and meet some of my shut-ins. And this weekend, I'm supposed to go with that_guy_zach up to Naperville, IL, for a wedding reception for friends who got married in Africa last month. But that's about it.


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