aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Nuptial report

Well, the wedding I asked my Orthodox friends for advice on went well yesterday.

The groom wore a full Scots rig: kilt, sporran, jacket, etc. All the men in the wedding party wore clan tartan ties and the De Wars present all had silver family crest pins on their lapels.

The bride was stunning, of course. Her special contribution that I helped her with was finding a way to incorporate a taste of her Russian background. Her Russian Orthodox grandmother was in attendance (and boy, was she a hoot: an 88-year-old retired Phys Ed teacher).

There were no Orthodox churches in her area, so she raised her daughter Catholic. Daughter married (I think) a Jew. So bride was raised as a non-practising Catholic of sorts. In truth, she doesn't yet know who/whose she is.

Anyway, after input from LJ friends, I suggested they have crowns made to use in the ceremony. They had floral circlets of baby's breath and greenery made, which complemented the white roses the ladies were carrying. Following the pronouncement of marriage, they knelt for the long blessing, and instead of the one in our prayerbook, I adapted the crowning prayers from the Orthodox service and ended by placing the circlets on their heads.

I also dug out the icon of Constantine and Helen with the True Cross which prester_scott gave me. I showed it to Grandma, who thought that was pretty cool. Then I placed it by the guest register in the narthex with a lit candle beside it. I don't think any other Orthodox besides Grandma were in attendance, but I thought that any others arriving and signing in would be made more comfortable by an appropriate icon to acknowledge before entering the sanctuary.

At the reception, the party favors from the bride and groom at each place setting were a little airline bottle of Dewar's Scotch (for the groom, a De War), and a little bag of coffee beans (for the bride, who is a Starbucks manager). And between the rehearsal dinner and the reception, I've eaten prime rib two nights in a row. Now, that's classy.

Long life and happiness to the bride and groom. And may they find their path to God and all his riches.

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