aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Much to do

Well, yesterday I got The Pathfinder (newsletter of SI-NAUMS) photocopied. I didn't do color this time, which is a shame, but gotta get this edition out. Now to find my mailing list, make labels, etc. Hope to get this in the mail by Monday.

The rehearsal went well last night, the dinner was excellent. So, gots me a wedding this afternoon. Oughta be fun. These are good folks.

But what I really need is some time off for us -- and the dog. Sassy is depressed, what with the weather being so oppressive and all. We'd like to take her to the nearby state park, but that takes time we don't much have. And collinsmom departs Sunday afternoon for her start of classes Monday morning, so I'll be batching it through Thursday. Surely somewhere in there I can take the dog to the park.

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