aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Book Lust

The UPS delivered my latest children, uh, purchases today.

1. Language and History in Viking Age England: linguistic relations between speakers of Old Norse and Old English

Makes me go all fluttery just anticipating it.

2. Monasteriales Indicia: the anglo-saxon monastic sign language

An actual OE treatise for Benedictines (with illustrations!) on how to get someone to pass the pears, etc., while maintaining prescribed silence.

3. A Handbook of Mercian

Just a small pamphlet, really, but full of groovy stuff. Here's a sample:
A Hymn of Praise

Bledsieð all werc Dryhtnes Dryhten!
Bledsieð hefenes Dryhten!
Bledsieð Dryhtnes angles Dryhten!
Bledsieð Dryhten, water ða ofer hefenes arun,
Bledsieð all Dryhtnes meien Dryhten.
Bledsieð Dryhten, sunne ond mone;
Bledsieð Dryhten, hefenes steorren;
Bledsieð Dryhten, scur ond deaw.
All gastes, bledsieð Dryhten!
Bledsieð fyr ond sumer Dryhten!
Bledsieð Dryhten, niht ond dei.

I wonder what the Old English for "geek" is.

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