aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Got into a nasty exchange over on methodism. I was trying to keep the heat down and respond in measured comments, but some self-righteous twit of a seminarian went off on me. I got on my high horse (in my coolest, calmest way). *sigh* I used to hate when people did that to me.

But really, I get tired of being attacked by the broad-minded. They are so obtuse. Can't respond to real argument. If anybody disagrees with them, they just start being insulting.

I suppose I ought to drop that community, but doggone it! Somebody's got to hang around for the sake of the newbies; otherwise, they're just abandoned to the wackoids. How terrible if people thought that the heretics and radicals were all there was to Methodism.

Gives me a belly ache.

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