aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Nevertheless, there remaineth a rest . . .

Hi-de-ho. Another good day in church. After Sunday School, we toodled down to the hospital to check on a parishioner who's been in the whole three weeks or so I've been pastor here. With all the movin' and shakin' going on in my life, I've been running to the hospital to see him whenever I was free. He is now improving.

collinsmom went along with me, and afterwards, we went looking for lunch. Well, we were only a few blocks from downtown, so we went over to The Irish Lion. Downtown was almost deserted at noon-and-a-half, and there were only a few patrons in the Lion. BUT -- they have a super Sunday Brunch special. So we had a great Dublin City Breakfast in a quiet atmosphere (very unusual for a Sunday lunch venue).

Now we are home for the afternoon. Planning a quiet, restful afternoon, with some grocery shopping later on. Gotta take care of ourselves, not just obsess over getting things unpacked. The animules formed up in a line to be petted when we came in the door -- they need some lovin', too.

For my children's lesson today, I talked about the ways in which God comforts us. For an example of comfort/peace/courage, I used Joe, my now-fifty-year-old teddy bear (see userpic, above). God has promised to take care of us, to make everything OK. To help us grab hold of him when we need him, he has given us the water of our baptism and the bread and wine of communion; he has also given us the gift of music and the power of prayer and worship; AND he meets us according to our capacity. Maybe all a little child can understand of comfort is holding its bear close at night. The bear is thus a stand-in for its parents -- and for God -- and is used by God's grace to comfort those too young to reach for other comfort, until they grow into those gifts. So, life, death, worries, closet monsters -- God is bigger than them all.

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