aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A snoozer of an election

I was googling Monroe County elections to see who's running for what this year.

U.S. Senator: Richard Lugar faces no opposition, at least not from a Democrat. There is a Libertarian running.

U.S. Representative: There's quite a re-match going on between Mike Sodrel and Baron Hill. I'd love to vote for Sodrel again, but his District stops at the Township Line. I'm in Steve Buyer's District; and he's a nice guy, but he has no opposition, at least from a Democrat.

I do have a parishioner running for a local judgeship. I've met him, and like him. I'll vote for him. But seriously, the only races that are up for grabs in my neck of the woods are local races where I know almost nobody (being the new guy in town).

How weird is that?

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