aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Philosophy in a Thought Balloon

This article ( talks about the difference between DC & Marvel comics, going back literally decades. It spoke to me pretty strongly.

I was more DC than Marvel, growing up. I'd get bored with DC -- especially Superman and the stiffness of the Supie canon -- but I only dabbled in Marvel. My life was complicated enough, internally, without worrying about how those guys were doing.

But, really, what I read more than anything was Disney -- especially Carl Barks's duck stories. Uncle Scrooge taught me more about the world (including all the economics I know) than any other youthful reading source. (Okay, I learned a lot of metallurgy and chemistry from The Metal Men and Metamorpho, but that was just trivia.)

To this day, I'll quote Scrooge McDuck in my sermons. Can't say that about The Fantastic Four or Batman. And one of my favorite quotes from ol' Scrooge goes like this:
Between losses and gains
and joys and pains,
I just about came out even on this deal.

Wisdom! Attend!

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