aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The first step

Well, we are well and truly launched. We stayed overnight at a Conference church camp and made it to Yonder UMC bright and early this morning. Worship went well, got to schmooze some folks during Sunday School, went out to eat with members of the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, and then -- my first hospital call.

We are now back, for the moment. I have to make a trip overnight this week to attend to business, then another overnight trip this weekend, and then we can start camping out in the house that will be ready over yonder, while we await our mover's convenience. It ain't pretty, but we're getting it done.

Meanwhile, siege has been moving his stuff into storage. He continues looking for a place for himself tomorrow.

We're taking Tuesday off and taking Sassy to the woods. She doesn't like fireworks, so we'll go celebrate the Fourth quietly out at Wilderstead.

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