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Party hearty!

In cleaning up my study, I finally found my notes for this recipe! They are more cool-weather treats than summertime goodies, but what the heck -- I need to get this down before my notes disappear again. So here, without further ado, I present my amazing, patented


(Why are these luscious little desserts called “boozy floozies?” Well, because they’re just a bunch of liquored-up tarts.)

15 oz. bing cherries in heavy syrup
3 Tbsp kirschwasser


15 oz. peach halves in extra light syrup
3 Tbsp Amaretto


22 oz. Mandarin orange segments
3 Tbsp Galliano


3 oz. chocolate chips
3 Tbsp bourbon

Prepare cherries, peaches, or oranges ahead of time. Empty cans into plastic food storage containers (including the syrup). Add liquor, seal and shake. Chill at least one hour. Each topping makes 3 tarts.

12 tart shells
32 oz. plain or no fat yogurt
4 Tbsp sugar or sugar substitute
4 Tbsp Bailey’s Irish Cream

Mix yogurt with sugar and Bailey’s. Fill tart shells. Add toppings, drained. Makes 12 tarts.

If making chocolate topping, do this one last. Melt chocolate chips in bourbon in top half of double boiler. Pour immediately over tart shell and yogurt filling. Topping makes 3 tarts.

You don't have to make all four kinds. I just did 'em mix-and-match style for variety.

Chill for a little while before serving, but don't wait too long. These treats are best served the day they are made. They will keep in the refrigerator, but turn a bit soggy the day after.

Note: I created these little goodies for my 50th birthday gathering three years ago this October. They were universally approved! (I have knocked down the bourbon a bit, since that was judged a little overwhelming.)

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