aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


I've been puttin' along all afternoon, sorting and packing, but it doesn't look like I've made much progress. I've been slowly getting through eight years of stacked-up papers, all of which have to be at least glanced at before being pitched.

I have never lived any one place so long before in my life. And I am such a packrat! Aaargh!

Later on, I think collinsmom and I are going to get out of town for a while to blow the cobwebs out of our heads.

You know, I don't mind the heavy lifting and the boxing of stuff that goes into moving. What I hate is the sorting-out, the sifting-through, the slow, plodding work of deciding the worth of all the stuff you punted on a long time ago. Ah, me. The great and evil day is upon us.

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