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Got a call yesterday that the deal on renting the Harrodsburg parsonage fell through, so we are all back to square one. I am scheduled to move next week, and have noplace to move TO. So, collinsmom and I are driving over to Yonder UMC tomorrow to talk to the Trustees and see what we can work out. I may have to delay my actual move for a week or two while we secure adequate lodgings.

Really, this is beyond bizarre. And it's really a very simple question of management. If a task is to be accomplished, not only must that task be defined, but the person(s) responsible for accomplishing it must be identified (and accept that responsibility).

So -- if they had told ME back in April that I needed to secure my own housing (and here's the budget . . .) I would have had this done and wrapped up before going to Africa. Or if the DS had told the Committee, "you need to get this resolved by X date," it would have gotten done, unless they're all hopeless duffers.

Instead, nobody told me that the parsonage they were hoping to buy (and are buying) wouldn't be available until the end of the year until some weeks after I'd met with them. They knew that then; why didn't they tell me? And why did the DS keep gassing about possibilities he ultimately couldn't deliver, when he could have just told them, "Do X?" As it is, he's the one who stinks the worst in all this, and he probably feels hurt because he was only trying to help.

Well, as a secretary I used to have always said, "We'll all get over it if we live long enough."

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