aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

On Safari

We did a game drive at Mikumi National Park, Tanzania, on June 17. Here are a few of my better pictures of animals.

I came close to being eaten by a crocodile, I suppose. I was sneaking up on a heron to try to take its picture, and as I trod by the verge of a pool there was a big splash. The croc on the bank (which everybody could see but me) decided I was bigger than he could eat or something, and swam off.

Impala, Mikumi NP Impala, Mikumi NP

Lions, Mikumi NP Lions, Mikumi NP

Hippos, Mikumi NP Hippos, Mikumi NP

Zebra, Mikumi NP Zebra, Mikumi NP

Mama Tembo, Mikumi NP Mama Tembo, Mikumi NP


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