aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Assistance for the Geography-impaired

For those of you who would like to see where our Venture Crew is going on their mission trip come Wednesday, here is a map of Africa showing the location of Tanzania and a map of the country showing major cities.

Tanzania is on the East coast of Africa, just below the Equator.
The United Republic of Tanzania
United Republic of Tanzania
We will land at Dar es Salaam and fly cross-country to Kigoma. Dar is on the Indian Ocean coast. Kigoma is in the highlands by Lake Tanganyika, just South of the Burundi border. It's not rainforest, but the rainforest isn't far off. In between the Ocean and the Lake, much of Tanzania's interior is arid badlands in the dry season. But we will also be going to Morogoro, which is an agricultural area at the feet of the Uluguru Mountains. Lots of bananas and sisal grow there. And we will go to Mikumi National Park to do a game drive or two. You can see Morogoro just West of Dar es Salaam, and Mikumi SW of Morogoro. Our crew consists of two young adults (Nikki and Amber) and two *ahem* mature adults (me and collinsmom). We leave Wednesday. Your prayers for our safety would be appreciated.

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