aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Saturday morning thoughts

The day is off to a slower start than I'd like, but then I was up late last night. My personal schedule is breaking down under the load of stuff coming at me. Once I take off on the trip to Africa, a lot of that will (temporarily) lift, since I'll be in Trek Mode. The real crunch will come when we get back, and my body wants to rest for a week -- the same bare week we have to finish up and get out of here.

I got a fair amount of tidying up and packing done down here in the ol' dungeon, but man! there's eight years of stuff packed away into corners: file boxes, souvenirs, half-finished project outlines. I hate moving. I had wanted to do it only one more time in my life.

We went out to Wilderstead for a little while last night, and talked in the cabin by candlelight. There, at least, there is some peace still to be had. I yearn for it the way Cuthbert yearned for his hut on the island. Someday . . .

Meanwhile, whatever gets done, gets done. Whatever doesn't will get done somehow -- or it wasn't important. Prayers for peace would be appreciated.

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