aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A question for my Orthodox friends

I met with a young couple this afternoon who are planning on getting married this summer. The young man in question is a lifelong United Methodist; his quirk is, he wants to dress in a kilt to honor his Scots heritage. Well, that doesn't shake me. But his bride has a different thing going.

She apparently has no direct religious background. She was baptized Catholic, but has not been a practicing Catholic. Her great-grandfather founded a Russian Orthodox church somewhere, and there is a strong background there in her family. She would like to know if there is some wedding tradition she could insert in a UM liturgy which would honor her family's history, make them feel welcome. I suggested lighting candles before an icon and kissing it, but she's never done that, and it doesn't communicate anything to her.

So, any suggestions that wouldn't be too complicated to pull off? I'm not trying to do faux Orthodoxy here, just looking for something that the young woman and her family might find meaningful.

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