aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cool beans

I have now received personal letters (well, as personal as a Congressman's office can produce) from both my U.S. Senators and my U.S. Representative regarding my e-mail to them on Net Neutrality. Both Senators are riding the fence, saying thank you for your concern, and there's a lot to this; my Rep is solidly FOR Net Neutrality. So, a tip of the ol' hat to Mike Sodrel, and points to Dick Lugar and Evan Bayh for acknowledging my screed.

Really, folks, the number of citizens who actually write, e-mail, or call their Congressmen have an influence out of all proportion to their actual numbers. Congress really, really, really responds to personal communications (not form letters). So look up those e-mail addresses, and write your Congresspeople today.

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