aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cogitating upon the possibilities

Looking ahead to our move at the end of June means we've got to do the whole change-of-address thing, which nowadays means changing e-mail addresses, too. Oy.

Complicating matters is the fact that we are moving to a situation where they are in the process of buying a big ol' house to make a parsonage out of, and we will be moved into temporary quarters till at least January (it seems) or May (I hope). In any case, we'll have to do all the change-of-address schtick again.

So I'm thinking that for all but very personal snail mail, I probably ought to use my business address, which won't change in the middle of my tenure at Yonder UMC. And I probably need to sign up with one of the monster freebie e-mail providers out there (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, or something), so I won't have to change it when we relocate a second time in our first year.

(I keep being given additional e-mail accounts -- through my Conference, through NAUMS, through the General Commission on UM Men. But for personal e-mail, I'd like something that doesn't go through those providers.) So what do you folks recommend I get for a monster freebie e-mail provider? Who's good?

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