aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Argh! Avast, there, or I'll hang ye from the highest yardarm!

It was a gorgeous day for a canoe trip. The air was cool (the water was cold!), the sun was shining, everything was green and growing, the river was full and the current was fast. After church, our happy youth group went off to paddle the nearby Whitewater River.

Ten youth and adults took the river. I positioned myself in the rear. The three 12-year-old girls wanted to be together, so I was without a partner. This lifted the bow of my canoe up and caught the breeze like a sail. In order to manage the canoe, I had to kneel and put my weight forward. I'll probably be sore tomorrow!

The younger girls came to grief -- twice. The second time they lost the canoe, and we had a heckuva time corraling it and getting it emptied out with the current the way it was. But in the end, we all arrived safely at our destination.

My cell phone went in the drink when I had to get out of my canoe to get the girls' functional again. But it may dry out. It's sitting with its case open and its battery out on the dehumidifier right now.

Thar she blows! Thar she blows!
Jessica, Synclaire, and Chrissy awash.
A gorgeous day on the river A gorgeous day on the river
The view ahead over my bow.
Flotsam Flotsam
Kelsie takes a nap in the bow.

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