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Shop till you drop

Thursday is our church's Mother-Daughter Banquet. The men traditionally cook for this extravaganza, which means usually that I cook for it, and the guys help. Which is fine. I like to cook. This year, I decided to be as profitable as possible (while still dazzling the customers), in order to maximize profit to benefit our Venture Crew's trip to Africa. That means Italian, since Italian food is the "cheapest fancy" I know.

I spent the whole afternoon shopping. Got most of the fixin's in two different places. Just a coupla oddball ingredients that I can only ever seem to find at the local Kroger left. Then I had to unload all that at the church. I'm pooped.

This year's Mother-Daughter Banquet menu
We start off with a fresh, zesty Italian salad, followed by my famous lentil soup.
The entree is our killer lasagne, that we make by the yard for large groups.
Side dish will be broccoli with portabella mushrooms.
Garlic bread to be served with both the soup & salad and entree courses.
Then we'll finish off with ice cream and biscotti.

I'm hoping we'll see lots of young girls with their mothers and grandmothers at the banquet. I love to cook for kids. They are so overwhelmed to be fed fresh, good food like this. Their mothers are envious, since they never learned how to cook like this. And the grannies -- who all know how to, and used to cook like this, but are too tired to fiddle with it any more -- they all just smile.


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