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Sassy is the queen of the backyard. She makes sure that everybody around the fenced yard knows it, too. Cuthbert rarely goes out, and gets nervous about being too far from the house.

We were holding the door open for Cuthbert, who was -- in typical cat fashion -- trying to make up his mind whether to go through the door or not, when he spotted Sassy out romping in the grass. He immediately dashed out, intent on assaulting the dog. He barely got to Sassy before he realized two things:
1) he was out in the open where everybody could see him;
2) the grass was wet.

Sassy ran off to patrol her boundaries and show off, while Cuthbert slunk carefully and in disgust back toward the porch. This pic is a rare one of the two together, Sassy surveying her domain while Cuthbert gripes about the wet grass and starts to return to safety.

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On the prowl  
On the prowl

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