aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Busy, busy, busy

Well, the mover came tonight to do his estimate and deliver some boxes. We are loading up and moving from here on June 29, and our junk will be delivered to Ellettsville June 30.

Reliable sources tell me there will be a "take-in" (DS meeting with PPRC to introduce my successor) tomorrow night. Which means an announcement Sunday. I have no official role in any of this. Apparently, my successor will not live in this parsonage (other arrangements are in train). Oh, well.

Time to start packing in earnest. I have eighty (80) book boxes on hand to pack up my library. That may be sufficient. Who knows? It was around that last time, and I've added more books in the last eight years.

that_guy_zach and I started assembling the 10' x 8' metal shed out in the holler today. Got the base done. Gotta have a dry, no-wind day to finish it. Then all the tools that are cluttering up the cabin can be moved to the new shed, we can clean the cabin, and cram in some furniture and stuff we don't plan on moving to Ellettsville.

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