aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Happy Birthday to you

Tomorrow, March 1, is collinsmom's birthday. Herewith an invitation to append to this announcement your best wishes to her.

collinsmom by the numbers

Age: 51
Years married: 31 (it only seems like forever)
Homes we have lived in since marriage: 12
Years at our current address: 7
Number of siblings: 6
Backpacking treks helped lead: 4
Degrees earned: 3? (a BS and two AS, at least)
Children: 2
Current pets: 1 (Sassafras T. Collins -- the "T" stands for Trouble)

The Russian Happy Birthday Song
Happy Birthday, O Happy Birthday!
Pain and sorrow and despair,
People dying everywhere.
Happy Birthday, O Happy Birthday!
One step closer to the grave,
Think of all the food you'll save.
Happy Birthday, O Happy Birthday!

I love you.

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