aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A wonderful Saturday

collinsmom and I went to Milan this morning to finally pick up her new car. We closed the deal on a used Prizm last weekend, but they had to fix the A/C and install cruise control, and we wound up waiting over a week for it to get all done. But now we have three vehicles for two persons. We'd ditch one, but the likeliest candidate is Jade (the truck), and trucks are just too necessary sometimes.

Well, she came back home to do stuff while I went on out to Wilderstead. I spent the next three and a half hours mending barbed wire fence up and down the side of the hill. I've got about a third of the whole fenceline done now. It was hot, tiring work, but very rewarding to get done. Last week I walked the whole fenceline, putting up new No Trespassing signs. Property lines are like broken windows in the city: if you neglect fixing them, you invite people to violate boundaries, and stuff gets worse.

At the end of the work, I was standing over the creek. The sky was a brilliant blue with puffy clouds and the sun was shining strongly. The creek was full of cold, rushing water. I was in the middle of nowhere. So I shucked my clothes and went and sat down on a rock in knee-deep water, then lay back and let the creek rush over my bod. Gloriosky! Ain't nothin' like it.

Then I got dressed, packed up, and returned to civilization. Walked the dog, petted the cat. We have a dinner gathering in a nearby town this evening. Oughta be fun.

Life is good.

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