aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Doth not Brutus bootless kneel?

Bought a new pair of boots today. Only my fourth pair of hiking boots in my adult life. A big decision. Since my old boots died in London last June, I have been, like Brutus, "bootless."

But today, I wandered into Shoe Carnival just on a sudden whim, and there found a very nice pair of Timberlands. I was looking for Rockports, but all the Rockports there had mocassin-style toes, which irritate my tootsies. I needed a rounded toecap.

These are nice and light, genuine leather uppers, good stitching (though probably way too much glue attaching the sole). Anyway, I am no longer fretting about what to wear on our mission to Tanzania. (I had a sudden urge to post "Boots," but I'd already posted some Kipling for National Poetry Month, so I'll spare you the doggerel. It was one of my Mother's favorite poems, though: Boot-slog-slog-slog-sloggin' over Africa, and there's no discharge in this war!)

EDIT: And the price was a steal!

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