aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A little sunlight on the trolls

I just finished posting a comment to a secular humanist troll over on christianity that I would think it extremely rude to wander into a secular humanist site or a Wiccan site or a Mormon site and start challenging everybody's basic assumptions. This in response to him accusing me of preaching at him without understanding him!

Really, some people have no sense that there is "our" house and "your" house and the public street, and there is a different code of behavior for each. While in "your" house, I don't call all that you hold dear wrong; while in "our" house, I will not tolerate it from you, either.

There are communities which are intended to be a public street, a place where people can carry their signs and provoke a confrontation. That's fine. You knew that going in. But as wide open as the membership of christianity is intended to be, it is nevertheless supposed to be a supportive community for all sorts of Christian (NOT non-Xtn) expression.

I really, really try to ignore the trolls. But in the end, it's up to all of us to demand proper behavior when we meet improper behavior. The trolls have been taking over the community. Squirrels I can live with (our own, Xtn, fanatics); trolls need to be told where the boundaries are.

Anybody else feel this way?
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