July 28th, 2020


The Northern bug

As you probably know (if you read this blog at all), I am in love with Old English and Northern literature generally. I caught the OE bug at about age 14. The vector of infection was J.R.R. Tolkien, but also an English History book of my mother’s which showed a map of the Heptarchy (maps have always captivated my imagination). More generally, as a scholar of English I am fascinated by its linguistic history; as a writer in English I delight in the language’s possibilities. But I am also interested in culture and values. I feel a sense of “going home” when I roam among the Angles and Heathobards. I tell people (mostly jokingly) that I am just a 10th-Century Anglo-Saxon priest born slightly out of his due time. Still, I labor occasionally to try to explain to people who haven’t caught the Northern bug what the attraction is.Collapse )