July 25th, 2020

wayside cross

Deck the halls

I finally got back over to Wilderstead today. The good news: We have power! I still need to get the electrician out yonder to connect up the circuits in the cabin, but REMC has finally put a meter on the pole, and I have an outdoor receptacle to plug into. Which meant I didn't need to haul my generator out to run anything today. Also, it was nice to have a fan blowing in the cabin when I took my breaks.

I started decking the sub-floor last week, and it 'bout killed me. Beginnings are always hard, but I really bit off too much for the first day. I did as much today as last week, but got done before the big heat came calling. Eight sheets of 3/4" OSB installed and sealed. Yowzah!


I mowed this month for our family gathering, but you can't tell it. So next trip out, I'll come prepared to mow, then finish connecting the metal bridges on the underside of the undercroft joists. Then the next trip, it's back to decking.

I don't know how much a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" OSB weighs, but it's a heckuva lot more than a 16' 2"x12". And it's orkerd to handle, too. I got out my handy little tractor and put four sheets at a time on the blade, and then slowly drove the decking around to where I could lift the sheets onto the joists. Once they're up on the joists, you can kind of scoot them around, but man, I hate lifting them.

Festina lente!