May 23rd, 2020

wayside cross

We've only joist begun

I went over to Wilderstead, hoping to get some work done in between the predicted showers. God granted me a perfect day instead. I worked for eight hours installing the lead joists. These are the ones which require wooden bridges instead of metal ones, because being next to the beams, their gaps aren't the standard 16" centers. The two over my head in the undercroft about did me in, but I persevered.


Surely, you joist
Tripod with block and tackle enables me to manage installation while messing about on ladders

I was frustrated in not being able to start my generator (again). Well, some time in the afternoon, the electrician dropped by to see how things were going (a bonus -- I've been trying to get together with him). When I mentioned my frustration with the generator, he said he was an old farm boy and offered to take a look at it. It started first pull for him. Well, I think I may have learned the secret now. We'll see. I sawed a few more joists with my circular saw. The earlier ones had all been done with a chain saw. Amish carpentry: I'm getting to be quite the artiste with my Stihl.

I took a beauty shot or two before I left. Then I slowly cleaned up all my stuff. Finally, I went down to the creek and took my first creek bath of the year. Cold but refreshing. God is so good to me.

Making progress
Once I get the floor on, I can finally begin to build a house