May 5th, 2020


It's a difficult thing to talk about, but . . .

I’ve seen quite a number of people commenting on the people protesting at the Michigan capital. Particular interest was given to the guys toting firearms in public. People talked about them as White Supremacists, terrorists, knuckle-draggers, people compensating for other deficiencies. I thought the guns were over the top myself, but there were a whole lot more people out protesting Gov. Whitmer’s high-handedness than just these guys.

Now comes a news report that a security guard at a dollar store in Flint, MI, was shot to death by a family (man, wife, grown son) in an argument over having to wear a mask in the store. Not a peep from any of the usual commenters about this. Nobody talking about too many guns, crazy white guys, domestic terrorists, etc. Why? I looked at the news report, and whaddya know: the family who shot the guard are all black. No picture of the guard, however. It took more effort to locate his obit online. Guess what: he was black, too.

Now, Flint is 53% African-American, so an altercation between black residents and a black security guard isn’t a racial thing. But what about the response to it? Could it be that it isn’t noticed because it doesn’t fit “the narrative?” So that even though the event follows directly on the situation the protesters were protesting earlier (Governor Whitmer's actions), it can’t be related because there are no white people misusing their guns. And the whole narrative was how stupid and dangerous white people with guns are.

And if you think I’m just saying that the people who ignore the story because there were no white people to blame are racist to do so, let me go further. Black-on-black crime is a huge problem in our society, and nobody gives a fig about it. It’s so common as to be un-newsworthy. But it’s very commonness should appall us. We should care just as much about a black security guard being shot as a white one, regardless of who shot him. And we should be just as outraged about black people (one of them a felon on parole) using guns in a crime as white people using guns in a crime. And we should be able to distinguish people displaying guns safely (if stupidly) from those shooting people over wearing a face mask.

But, no. Just crickets.