February 15th, 2020


Coming soon(ish)

So, I've been working on Ye Magnum Opus for quite some time. I've finished the basic editing. Asking permission to use others' material and getting it ready for publication is still to come. I plan to use an on-demand publisher. That way, people can order my book on Amazon and places like that, but nobody has to hold a large inventory of these handy table-levelers. It also means I don't have to shop my manuscript around among the various religious publishers. They can only do so much of each kind of thing, and my name isn't a household bell-ringer, so a book on the neglected field of Christian education by the Rev. Dr. Yours Truly is probably not going to be snapped up.

I never expected to get rich selling books, so how many copies get bought is not the issue for me. I want to move the church. I want to make things better. Teaching the faith has been my passion for over forty years, and this book distills just about everything I've learned about how to do it.Collapse )