February 13th, 2020


2020 Philmont Itinerary

Crew 719-S has been assigned Itinerary 12-14. Details follow.

Category: Rugged
Mileage: 61 miles

Day 1 at Philmont
Camp: Camping HQ
Program: Opening Campfire

Day 2 at Philmont
Food pickup: Camping HQ
2.7 miles, gain 589', loss 116'
Camp: House Canyon
Program: Ranger Training, T-Rex Track, Trail Camp

Day 3 at Philmont
3.1 miles, gain 320' loss 527'
Camp: Indian Writings
Program: Arachaeology, Atlatl Darts, Petroglyph Tour
Showers available at Indian Writings

Day 4 at Philmont
7.2 miles, gain 1,445', loss 276'
Camp: Horse Canyon
Program: Railroading, Blackmithing at Metcalf Station, Trail Camp

Day 5 at Philmont
3.9 miles, gain 206', loss 1,210'
Camp: Ponil
Program: Western Lore/Branding, Cantina, Horse Rides, Chuckwagon Dinner, Cantina Show
Pick up food at Ponil

Day 6 at Philmont
5.7 miles, gain 1,050', loss 109'
Camp: Pueblano
Program: Pick up Burros at Ponil, tie Making, Spar Pole Climbing, Campfire

Day 7 at Philmont
7.2 miles, gain 2,004', loss 896'
Camp: Ute Meadows
Program: Drop off Burros at Miranda, Mountain Man Rendezvous, Tomahawks

Day 8 at Philmont
12.2 miles, gain 3,331', loss 3,365'
Camp: Ute Meadows
Program: Hike Baldy Mountain, Gold Panning & Mine Tour at French Henry
Pick up food at Baldy Town; showers available at Baldy Town

Day 9 at Philmont
5.3 miles, gain 600', loss 1,019'
Camp: Head of Dean
Program: Conservation at Baldy Skyline

Day 10 at Philmont
3.9 miles, gain 305', loss 603'
Camp: Santa Claus
Program: Challenge Course at Head of Dean

Day 11 at Philmont
9.2 miles, gain 305', loss 603'
Camp: Trail Canyon
Program: 12-gauge Shotgun Shooting and Reloading, Trail Camp

Day 12 at Philmont
0.5 miles, gain 12', loss 130'
Camp: Camping HQ
Program: Hike to Nine Mile Trailhead, Awards Campfire
Showers, Laundry, Ice Cream!